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Global Carrier Billing Summit has consistently connected all the key industry stakeholders in the carrier billing ecosystem, including mobile carriers, aggregators, content providers and digital merchants to share new ideas and build new partnerships.

In 2023 the summit is back in its new iteration "GCB and Mobile Payments Summit", which will analyse the whole mobile payments universe to predict the future of different payment methods, while analysing emerging solutions and monetisation strategies.

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Sep 19 Tuesday | 8:00 am


Sep 19 Tuesday | 9:00 am

Chairperson opening remarks

Chairperson: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 9:05 am

Analyst Intro. Market overview and future trends: DCB and bundling

Presenter: Guillermo Escofet  (Omdia)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 9:15 am
Sep 19 Tuesday | 9:30 am

Sponsor Address. Levelling Up: how can carriers win with gaming & e-sports

Sponsor Speaker: Kieran Clare  (Content for Mobile)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 9:50 am

E-wallet Keynote. From plastic to pixels: the evolution of mobile payments with e-wallets

Keynote: Jason Masai  (M-Pesa Africa)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 10:10 am

Sponsor Address. Anti-Masterclass: Key Insights from Battling DCB Fraud

Sponsor Speaker: David Lotfi  (EVINA)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 10:30 am

Morning Networking Break

Sep 19 Tuesday | 11:30 am

Telco Keynote. Winning with telco mobile payments: strategies for success

Keynote: Martin Schurig  (Telefonica Germany)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 11:50 am

Panel discussion. Capitalising on the mobile payments opportunity: markets growth and overcoming challenges

Moderator: Ross Flynn  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sponsor Speaker: Patricia Peiró Hergueta  (Telecoming)

Speakers: Tomáš Marek  (O2 Czech Republic), Martin O’Driscoll  (CKH Innovations Opportunities Development), Chantal Van de Looverbosch  (Telenet)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 12:30 pm
Sep 19 Tuesday | 12:50 pm

Content and operator case-study: opening the frontiers of gaming offering to the 40+ audience via DCB

Speakers: Shan Eisenberg  (Sandbox Group), Amelia Newsom-Davis  (Orange France)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 1:00 pm

Lunch break and networking

Sep 19 Tuesday | 2:15 pm

Mobile Mastermind

Moderator: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Speaker: Ross Flynn  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 2:35 pm
Sep 19 Tuesday | 2:55 pm
Sep 19 Tuesday | 3:30 pm

Afternoon networking break

Sep 19 Tuesday | 4:00 pm
Sep 19 Tuesday | 4:20 pm

Spotlight Panel Discussion. Africa – a home to future mobile payments

Moderator: Nick Maynard  (Juniper Research)

Speakers: Anzelle Robertson  (Sam Media), Jason Masai  (M-Pesa Africa), Richard Wheeler  (Google)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 5:00 pm

Day 1: Conference Wrap Up and Closing Remarks from the Chairperson

Chairperson: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sep 19 Tuesday | 7:00 pm

GCB & Mobile Payments Awards Party & Drinks Reception by CFM

Sep 20 Wednesday | 8:00 am


Sep 20 Wednesday | 9:00 am

Opening remarks & Mobile Ecosystem Forum and Mobile Payments

Chairperson: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 9:10 am
Sep 20 Wednesday | 9:30 am

Panel Discussion. Unlocking new opportunities in the physical goods world

Moderator: Guillermo Escofet  (Omdia)

Sponsor Speakers: Patricia Peiró Hergueta  (Telecoming), Sylviane Gbetibouo-Lee  (WorldPay)

Speakers: Martin Schurig  (Telefonica Germany), Claudio Di Padova  (Vodafone Germany)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 10:10 am

Morning Networking Break

Sep 20 Wednesday | 10:50 am

Fireside chat. How can telcos keep Pay TV relevant?

Moderator: George Jijiashvili  (Omdia)

Speaker: David Rowark  (Netgem)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 11:00 am

Women in mobile gaming and payments: challenges and opportunities

Moderator: Lisa Bondarenko  (Informa Tech)

Sponsor Speaker: Paola Silano  (Cookies Digital)

Speakers: Marketa Gasiorovicova  (O2 Czech Republic), Katarzyna Voss  (Deutsche Telekom)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 11:35 am

Sponsor Address. Unlocking Mobile Payment Opportunities: Trends & Growth

Sponsor Speaker: Gaby Bosch  (Content for Mobile)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 11:55 am

Spotlight Panel Discussion. Game changers: the winning strategies for the mobile payments industry in gaming

Moderator: George Jijiashvili  (Omdia)

Panelists: Shan Eisenberg  (Sandbox Group), Ivan Lebeau  (Gamestream)

Sponsor Speaker: Kieran Clare  (Content for Mobile)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 12:40 pm

Lunch break and networking

Sep 20 Wednesday | 2:00 pm
Sep 20 Wednesday | 2:15 pm
Sep 20 Wednesday | 2:35 pm

Panel Discussion. Super bundling: simplifying purchases, boosting sales and fostering loyalty

Moderator: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sponsor Speakers: Giles Tongue  (Bango), Alexis Bartelds  (Sam Media)

Speaker: Alexey Pastushenko  (ONEStore International)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 3:15 pm

Day 2: Conference Wrap-Up & Closing remarks from the Chairperson

Chairperson: James Williams  (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)

Sep 20 Wednesday | 3:20 pm

Networking & End of GCB & Mobile Payments Summit